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 We are re-releasing 12 years of podcast content! Watch as we continue to polish the listing here as the content pool continues to grow!



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The 2GuysTalking Podcast Series
There are a variety of topics. There are a variety of venues. From the classic nostalgic feature films of yesteryear to DVDs and Blu-rays from last week to the hottest in streaming online entertainment, The 2GuysTalking Podcast is your first, best stop for engaging, educational podcast content.

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The 24-In-60+! Podcast

It began as the “Ultra-Quick & Humorous Recamp” Recap segment inside the original “24Podcast.Com” effort detailing the “Worst Days of Jack Bauer’s Life” during “24” on Fox. Now, it includes “24: Legacy, the Worst Minutes and Hours of Army Ranger Eric Carter!” Either way, it’s quick, humorous and a perfect way to catch up with “24” with a side order of giggle.

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The 24: Legacy Podcast

It’s the NEXT generation of the Original 24 Fan Podcast from Fox! It’s The 24: Legacy Podcast, tracking the worst minutes and hours of Army Ranger Eric Carter in the most-recent iteration of Fox’ “24” called – 24: Legacy. Join WhatCopsWatch.Com’s Police Captain Chris DiGiuseppi and original 24Podcast.Com host Mike Wilkerson and they detail it all with real-life flair and detail!

LISTEN LIVE! It’s the Most-Recent Episodes of The 24 Podcast!

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The 2GuysTalkingCars Podcast

Cars and trucks aren’t just vehicles – they are FREEDOM. When you mix them with feature films and television programs, the nostalgic stew you get is intoxicating. Enjoy each and every helping of 2GuysTalkingCars – an Always-Educational Look at the Vehicles of Television and movies. Join hosts Ron Reiling (The Car Guy) and Mike Wilkerson (The Pop Culture Entertainment Guy) to learn more about it all!

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The 2GuysTalkingDoctorWho Podcast

The legacy of Doctor Who is a lot longer than most people know. There is so much to enjoy about the program whether it be the recent iterations of the previous Doctors. Wouldn’t it be great to have a podcast that details – it ALL? Check out The 2GuysTalkingDoctorWho Podcast where hosts Aaron Antonis and Kevin Harrman detail the endeavours of he who wields the Sonic Screwdriver!

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The 2GuysTalkingHorror PodcastClick Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!

Horror is way more than just blood, guts, screams and jump-scares. It’s an industry that appeals to the fundamental core feelings and tendencies but – why? Why do you react the way you do and what does the industry offer from the past, now and the future> Learn ALL about it with your host Nicholas J. Hearne and a growing listing of guests host and they detail it all!

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The 2GuysTalkingMMA PodcastClick Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!

The sport of MMA continues to evolve and the up & coming groups of fighters have never been more talented, explosive and ready to throw down. Don’t miss the detailed, information and educational review of The Ultimate Fighter on Fox Sports 1 by hosts Jeremy Johnson and Mike Wilkerson. Each episode includes the vital information you’ll need to learn how to detect quality entertainment of all kinds!

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The 2GuysTalkingPoker Podcast

Poker, regardless of it’s implied, historic reputation, is a game of skill. Learning about the news, the players, the Tournaments and the habits that surround it all is easy – as long as your listening to 2GuysTalkingPoker. Hosts Vic Porcelli & Andy Kazen provide you with details from an incredibly unique and detailed perspective that includes great interviews from poker industry legends and more!

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Agents Of SHIELD Podcast

Everyone knows that Marvel has a money-collecting Juggernaut when it comes to movies, but did you know that Marvel also continues to create incredibly compelling televised content for the smaller HD screen? Don’t miss the Agents of SHIELD Podcast where host Nicholas J. Hearne and Mike Wilkerson educate you about the incredibly engaging content being compiled on ABC via The Agents of SHIELD!

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Animal Wise America Podcast

Your pet is MORE than an animal. It is not even just a member of your family – it’s deeper than that. Check out The Animal Wise America Podcast where veterinarian Dr. Tara Brooks welcomes guests of all kinds to help you understand the value of our pets and your adoration of them.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The ARCA Midwest Podcast

What can be done for those suffering from substance addition? The answers vary depending on whom you ask, but the reality is that there are always options. Be sure to check out The ARCA Midwest Podcast where host Phil Treacy welcomes those who have faced and beaten a variety of addictions with the help of the experts at ARCA Midwest.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!A Call To Courage Podcast

The stories of overcoming challenges aren’t a new thing. They’ve been around a long time. The Bible, their lessons and truth have also been around a long time. Join host Stephanie Haynes as she welcomes a variety of guests who detail their struggles and triumphs to help craft a picture of positive influence that is a TRUE Call to Courage.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!A Priest And A Bishop Walk Into A Story

Francis Krebs and Rev. Jessica Gazzola of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, and their guests – writers, scientists, artists, real people with real compelling stories. Our faith is always evolving and “A Priest and a Bishop Walk into a Story” will touch your heart so you too will – walk away changed.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Awful Show Podcast

The Awful Show is a weekly explicit talk comedy podcast that deals with current events, pop culture, sex talk, weird relationships and whatever else comes to mind. Nerraux, Keyz and Joel let fly whatever is on their minds. The Awful Show interviews celebrities from time to time including, stars like Jimmy Pop from The Bloodhound Gang, Johnny Brennen from Jerky Boys, and Michael Winslow of Police Academy and Spaceballs. We play games and skits including song parodies and fake commercials and were the winner of the 1st 2GuysTalking “I Hear Your Podcast Contest.”



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!Christine’s Top 10 Countdown Podcast

We can all count. We can even tell you our favorite “10” things when it comes right down to it, but when you need someone else to tell you what matters – especially the categories that Christine picks – well, there’s only one podcast that’ll do the job. It’s Christine’s Top 10 Countdown on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network. (Look for this content soon!)



The Conspiracy Agents Podcast

The world of conspiracies – is ALIVE. Join Dr. Michael Lynch, and his cohosts as they traverse a variety of programs that the how, when, why and what of today’s most prolific conspiracies! From JFK, to the Nephilim, to Hitler’s Escape to the West Coast of the US – it’s all here and detailed for you!

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The DEXTER Podcast

While the Showtime original series DEXTER had it’s ups and downs when it was airing live, it has found renewed, vibrant attention since being released to a new, HUGE online streaming audience. The tales of Dexter, a Miami Dade County Criminal Investigative Specialist – who moonlights as a serial killer – are the stuff of legend. Have you taken time to listen to Mike and Scott’s viewpoints on a program that started out twisted and ended up in black and red plaid? It’s a lot stranger than even you can think. Check it now!

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Dock Talk Podcast – Fishing Is Forever

One of the most grand things about fishing is that the tips, tricks and detail – work almost everywhere. While the weather, terrain and bait types are a factor, the truth of what has become Tournament Bass play in all it’s incarnations is fun to talk about. Join host Glenn Wells as he welcomes a variety of professional anglers to talk about how to make a difference when YOU hit the water.

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cover170x170The Entrepreneur’s Corner Podcast

The world of Small Business is one that changes from minute to minute. Be sure to check out The Entrepreneur’s Corner Podcast for some great insight, information and truth that’ll help carry your business to the next level! It’s another great project from Richard J. Sacks, the founder of The Sacks Group.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Family In Balance Podcast

Families change faster than anyone can guess, and it’s great to have a place on the Internet to keep a constant “pulse” on what’s going on when it comes to family input, interaction and success. Be sure to check out The Family In Balance Podcast, with your host, Leisa Jenkins, who shares her perspective, experience, and idea to help your family be in balance.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Fangbanger Podcast – Reviews Of HBO’s TRUE BLOOD

The Fangbanger Podcast from 2GuysTalking is your first, best stop for all things True Blood – but more importantly – the best showcase for “All Thangs with Fangs in Entertainment.” Whether it’s a quality creature feature of the 1960’s, a review of the most recent creature feature gracing the silver screen, or regular jaunts into the always-expanding 2GuysTalking HQ DVD & Blu-ray Library, The Fangbanger Podcast has the quality, unique, one-of-a-kind reviews you can trust. The best part? We want to know what YOU thought about the things we review!
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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!Fast Freddie’s Castle Of Common Sense

Grandfathers convey a lot of lessons. How many did YOU listen to when you were younger? Don’t miss out on an interesting perspective of a former Navy Vet, Entrepreneur, Father, Grandfather and guy that’s seen a lot during each and every quick-hitting episode of Fast Freddie’s Castle of Common Sense.

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The Firecast – Spicy Food, BBQ & Hot Sauce Review

Calling all foodies! If you crave food that is cooked over a fire or feels like fire in your mouth, then The Firecast Podcast is for you! Scott Roberts covers, reviews, and talks all things BBQ, grilling, hot sauce, chile peppers, fiery foods, salsa, buffalo wings, chili con carne and all other hot, saucy and spicy stuff! Subscribe to the podcast, and savor the burn! (Look for this content soon!)



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Following-In-60+!

The hit Fox series “The Following” – well – wasn’t so hit. In fact, it’s the only show that The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network has ever KILLED a review program on! The fact is that the program lent itself wonderfully to the “in-60+!” format very well. Be sure to check out an “Ultra-Quick & Humorous Recamp (recap) of each of the first two seasons of The Following – ONLY from 2GuysTalking.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Following Podcast

What do you get when the first 4 episodes hire a consultant in law enforcement and choose not to have one for the rest of the next two seasons? You get Fox’ “how this did this go wrong?” series, “The Following” starring Kevin Bacon. It’s the only review program The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network has ever killed outright, but you’ll enjoy each and every episode that you “follow.”

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It was a program that took a little bit of X-Files, a little bit of Heroes, and a whole lot of STRANGE and made it fun to watch weird things happen each week. It got stranger after season 4’s launch, that’s or sure but we all can remember the original episode of “Fringe” on NBC, with this episode of “Fringe-in-60+!” – An Ultra-Quick & Humorous recamp recap of the original “Fringe” pilot episode. (Look for this content soon!)



The Galactica Quorum Podcast

The Galactica Quorum Podcast discusses all aspects of the Sci-Fi channel series Battlestar Galactica in a casual roundtable format. Light-hearted and at times irreverent, the Quorum dishes out analysis and speculation about each episode and the current season. (Look for this content soon!)



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The GalaxyCast Podcast

The GalaxyCast Podcast Talks STAR WARS: Rebels, The Clone Wars, Star Wars Fan Films & Fiction and is Your Home for the Review of Science Fiction of All kinds! – Don’t Miss The GalaxyCast Podcast with Bob Crissmann, Gary Boughton & Eric Maruscak via The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network

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 The Green GabClick Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!

Green Gab is all about keepin’ it Green! Green Homes, Green Living and Green Companies. Get in on the gab and learn why green matters – to you, your family and friends and how it directly impacts your community! Join Marla Esser and Tony Pratte as they talk with Green Experts from a variety of industries, companies and organizations to help you learn the true gift of Green Gab!

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The Harry Potter Book Report

The realm of Harry Potter was more than fantastical – it was MAGICAL. Back when The Deathly Hallows was a feast for those who wanted to read what wasn’t yet a movie, there was a line out f the door of most modern-day bookstores. What did the new book contain? How might it differ from the blockbuster feature film that is continues to churn the corn combine of cash? Find out now with The Harry Potter Book Report – where hosts Amy and Brian Sirimaturos detail the ins, outs and what-you-need-to-knows about this best-selling entry! (Look for this content soon!)



The In The Buff(alo) Podcast

The In the Buff Podcast: The South meets the North again on your MP3 player. Cowboy boots meet chicken wings. Native Texan Jeff Fisher, now living in Buffalo, New York has a unique, humorous spin on life. Jeff throws out his hot opinions about family, culture, and current events — all with a little Texas style! In The Buff is a podcast you won’t want to miss! Each show is only 5-10 minutes and will keep you entertained and make you think a bit. Come get ‘In The Buff’ every week with Jeff and the 2GuysTalking Network. (Look for this content soon!)



The Interpreter’s Toolbox Podcast

What do you get when you mix small business/entrepreneurial spirit, sign language and a hot new, video podcast? It’s the Interpreter ToolBox, providing a great crossroads of culture, perspective, skill set and more! Join host and former certified Sign Language Interpreter Mike Wilkerson as he visits businesses, organizations, reviews technology and more, all while providing great sign language vocabulary and perspective! If you’ve ever yearned to have the complete learning environment on your screen, here it is! (Look for this content soon!)



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Light The Lamp Podcast

The Light the Lamp Podcast, featuring hosts Grady Roy and Scotty Fitzpatrick, provides you with even more of the same conversation you have with your fellow hockey friends. It’s fan conversation FROM fans FOR fans and they hope that YOU’LL join in on the conversation. Trades, Rumor, Innuendo and team hatred – it’s all here inside The Light the Lamp Podcast on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network…



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!Life On The Half Shelly Podcast

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and say “that’s what I should have told that so and so…”? Or maybe you told so and so exactly what you were thinking and woke up in the middle of the night only to regret your words.

While you can’t always get what you want, you can live vicariously through Shelly Schneider when she sticks her foot in her mouth. Wife, mother, alter ego to Sarcastic Woman and award-winning columnist. Experience life through Shell’s eyes.

Sometimes she’s a half-wit, sometimes she goes off half-cocked: many time she operates on only half a tank – but she always looks at the cup as half-full. It’s all a part of Life on the Half Shelly.



The LOSTChatter Podcast

LOST was a program that provided some of the most must-watch television episodes in TV history. The LOST Chatter Team convened to review each episode of the program until its final entry. Left in their path is a program that is at least as memorable as each and every single secret learned, discussed and deeper meaning that actually revealed itself. Check them all out now as YOU watch another outstanding series streaming! (Look for this content soon!)



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!No Debt, No Credit, No Problems With Steve Stewart

Are you looking for a simpler way to handle your money and build wealth? I have discovered that it doesn’t take a degree in Finance to be debt free and you don’t need to play the credit-score game to be credit-worthy. Since 2007, I have helped people understand how money really works. I teach people how to save, buy things without credit cards, and create rich habits instead of a credit score. Each episode will feature an in-depth discussion about a financial topic or service, we will learn about income taxes with an ex-IRS Agent, and we will learn from Tom Corley’s Rich Habits.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Perspective Review Series Podcasts

Your Favorite Movies – The Professional’s Perspectives: You love TV, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Streaming Service Originals and Feature Films. So do we. Perspective Reviews allow you to open the door to nostalgia, details and memories that make the collective media heart sing. How does Hollywood get it right? Where do they flounder?

What kind of hype was there? Was the property a strong money maker over the years? Find out NOW with a growing listing of professionals as they gather to talk about the movies YOU love, with their skill sets, thoughts and perspectives leading the way. It’s time for Perspective Reviews from 2GuysTalking.

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The Politicking Timebomb Podcast

You could also call this heading “Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” This is the place to talk about what drives you and your business and what’s unique about your process. What you write here should be something distinct and interesting about your business that sets it apart from others in the same industry. (Look for this content soon!)



Look for this Content Soon!The Porcelli’s Deli Podcast

There’s a world of perspective that’s been collected inside the Brain of Vic Porcelli over the years. From growing up on the East Coast, to coaching kids baseball, to bringing up a great family in the St. Louis area, to Tournament Poker Play, to being one of the most prolific voices of St. Louis radio for more than 25 years well – it’s simple. There’s a LOT to order from the counter at Porcelli’s Deli. Order’s up!



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Presidential Bio Podcast

No matter which way you lean, the fact is we have had and will continue to have American Presidents. Learn more about them all past, present and future with your host, Phil Treacy, as he takes you on a detailed and educational tour of each. Find out more of their Early Years, Young Adulthoods, Political and Professional Careers and the Legacies of the men who have been elected President. Find all this and more via The Presidential Bio Podcast on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.

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The Q

The Q – Hosted by Mark Bland is about EVERYTHING and is liberal/moderate radio for people with a brain! “The Q”… is that a question? Well actually, think of it like this…it is whatever you want it to be and also it has some meaning. “The Q” is a question. It’s also a reference to downloading in the computer age where things are “que’d” Now it’s time for you to get “Q’d!” Each week, Mark discusses interesting entertainment and worldwide topics that will make you think and question. Opinionated stuff? Sure! The beauty is, you get to tell us what YOU think!

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Scammercast

Scams are one of thee most dangerous threats today, especially when it comes to our elders. As the number of victims and money taken continues to skyrocket, realize that there IS HOPE… Scammercast is your frontline battlefield for getting educated on the most-recent scams but also – how to defend against them. Join us as we detail the processes, the traps and the solutions to help us all — Hammer The Scammers! Its time for The Scammercast! Enjoy these episodes with your hosts: Curtis Baily and Art Maines!

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Small Business Communications Podcast

The avenue of small business turns on a dime, and there’s never been a more vital need for short, to-the-point bites of information to guide those that continue the quest for success. Kent Martin shares perspectives, theories and outright facts of how businesses, both large and small communicate and how YOU can strengthen and improve your company communications during The 2GuysTalking Small Business Communications Podcast.

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The Song Spotters Podcast

It is physically impossible to listen to all the new music. There are over 3,000 albums released every week! You can’t do it and it wouldn’t be fun to try. Song Spotters Justin and Adam wade into the overflowing waters of new music with a simple plan. 1) Make a playlist of 60-100 new tracks that samples the week’s new EP and LP releases. 2) Listen in seclusion so they don’t influence each other’s opinions 3) Spotlight their Top 5 Spots on their weekly podcast and 4) Leave the full sample playlist available to their listeners to foster discussion, dissent, and a collective approach to music discovery.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Terminator Podcast

Science Fiction has always had an enormous following and we’re happy to provide yet another flavor at The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network boutique for them to take a regular and entertaining bite!  It’s The 2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast, providing you with not only a series of great unforgettable reviews of all four theatrical TERMINATOR films, but a weekly podcast that followed and showcased the Fox show, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” that started in January, 2008! It’s not a fiery nuclear death that awaits – it’s The Terminator Podcast from The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network!
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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Travel Planner Podcast

Before there were entire television channels dedicated to viewing sites around the globe, there was, The Travel Planner Show – a radio program hosted by Kevin & Sue McCarthy that took you to places and talked to people who you could only dream of visiting. Be sure to check out their growing audio archive, as well as their regularly-updated video segments to understand more about the world around you and more!



Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Trek To Wellness

Trek to Wellness is a journal of a father, web developer and recently-diagnosed Type 2 diabetic as he navigates his way through the options, food, habits, and tribulations on a path to better well being. Add on valued product reviews, perspectives on instituting wellness into busy lives, and engaging banter via a variety of interviews, and you’ll understand why YOU need to be heading down the path to take your first step on a Trek to Wellness.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!The Versus Machine Podcast

This is the Versus Machine Podcast – a comparison of great things.The Versus Machine takes on two works of art, one source material and one adaptation, and processes it through to discover the differences and similarities of the two. Whether those differences are good or bad is up to you! After all, it’s what happens when you transform one medium into another. It’s time to engage, The VERSUS MACHINE.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!WhatCopsWatch.Com

Hollywood continues to tell tales on the Silver and smaller HD screens. What do they get “right” and – what could they use a panel of experts on when it comes to process and law enforcement. Go Behind the Badge with the hosts, guests and experts of WhatCopsWatch.Com to understand more about what you see in Hollywood as well as take you “Behind the Badge” to put a human face on Law Enforcement.

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Click Here to Visit this Podcast's Content Now!Write Night

Man (and women ;)) have used music to convey the stories of lives – forever. While finding new music is a noble endeavour, the fact is that the stories that propel those musical efforts are often more intoxicating than the actual music themselves. Be sure to join musician, father, grandfather and craftsman Greg Harned as he welcomes guests from a variety of musical styles to talk about the lyrics, the stories and the music during an on-going series of “Wright Nights…”

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