Time to Choose Which Podcast Service YOU Need...

We can’t do EVERYTHING for you, but when it comes to Podcasting, Promotion on the Web, and Marketing Automation efforts, we’ve got an excellent toolbox that provides for a solid foundation of success. Read on below and learn more about what you can benefit when working with 2GuysTalking!

Podcast Recording:

Whether it’s in our downtown St. Louis East Podcast Capture Studio, our Lake St. Louis-based West Podcast Capture Micro Studio or the roving, head-turning Mobile Podcast Capture Studio – The Podcast Bug, we have what you need to get the job (and Podcast) done.

Podcast Editing:

There are many secrets that Podcasters love to keep, but this isn’t one that should never be shared. If you have a podcast, then you need to have it edited. Are you ready to learn why? Are you ready to reclaim the time you waste on podcast editing every week? Do it now!

Monetize Your Podcast:

It’s the golden ticket that every Podcaster is looking for. It’s what will change the way you view the time you take the create podcast content. It will infuse you with excitement, self-worth, and energy that is infectious. Learn how you can find it too – with a little help from 2GuysTalking.

Podcast Consultation:

If you’ve got a podcast, and are looking for experienced, successful, outside-the-box perspective on how you can take your program and future in podcasting in a new and different direction, then it’s time to contact 2GuysTalking.

Editing Academy: (The Editor Corps)

You’re already editing your own program. Think you’ve got solid skills in taking RAW audio and making it something people listen to and smile? It’s time to take those skill sets “to school” to learn how you can monetize your skill sets to net you extra cash!

Editing Services:  (The Editor Corps)

Wondering what kind of magic can be done with YOUR podcast? Why not submit 15 minutes of your program/audio to let The Editor Corps show what gold is in them’thar podcast hills? Do it today and let’s start the process that’ll “Make Your Podcast Soar with The Editor Corps!”

Voiceover Academy: (The Voice Farm)

Everyone’s talked about wanting to do it. No one can find a way to do it that isn’t terribly expensive, super-frustrating and ultimately – fruitless. Ready to find out some of the best fundamentals, to get varied initial work and skills that can follow you and your wallet your entire life?

Voiceover Services: (The Voice Farm)

The instant you start adding more than just YOUR voice to your podcast, is the instant that your podcast will gain immediate credibility in a variety of ways. With a growing stable of men and women from a variety of demographics, you’ll find what you need inside their voiceboxes!

So Much More:

The web, like the Staff of 2GuysTalking, continues to grow each day! With new services, apps, innovation and electronic gadgetry of all kinds, now is the perfect time to contact us to help you harness the power that all of these things can do for you. Are you ready to change the way you, your company, your organization or effort does business? Then it’s time to contact 2GuysTalking now!

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? We have to admit, we have a LOT MORE to offer but are always happy to talk to you about the growing industry of podcasting…


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