Monthly Archives: June 2017

Total Cost of Ownership of a Home

When buying or renting a home, the way we look at the associated costs may be misleading. Rarely are all of the expenses of buying or renting AND operating a home taken into consideration. This total cost of ownership is what really should be considered and Kerry Langley with Project TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) … Continue reading Total Cost of Ownership of a Home

Building Houses that Last Generations

Andy Ellis of Half-Moon Construction in New York state is an outdoor enthusiast and a green builder. He listens to his customers to build a house that is affordable and meets their needs – “houses that last generations.” His job is to decipher the needs and wants, prioritize and then design. The magic happens when … Continue reading Building Houses that Last Generations

Driving Your Home

Gabbing about training – homeowner training specifically. It is all about habits – habits and training. Homeowner and building owner training, documentation and resources are crucial if you want to operate and maintain your home. It sounds a little dry but this is a big deal.” How many times do you get a homeowners’ manual … Continue reading Driving Your Home

NAHB Sustainability & Green Building

Eric Tilden joins us to gab about Sustainability and Green Building at NAHB – National Association of Homebuilders located in Washington D.C. NAHB is a trade association of home builders and others in the home builder industry representing nearly 140,000 members across the United States. Home Builders Associations (HBAs) and Building Industry Associations (BIAs) are local … Continue reading NAHB Sustainability & Green Building