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You love TV, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Streaming Service Originals and Feature Films. So do we. Perspective Reviews allow you to open the door to nostalgia, details and memories that make the collective media heart sing. How does Hollywood get it right? Where do they flounder? What kind of hype was there? Was the property a strong money maker over the years? Find out NOW with a growing listing of professionals as they gather to talk about the movies YOU love, with their skill sets, thoughts and perspectives leading the way. It’s time for Perspective Reviews from 2GuysTalking.

The TERMINATOR Podcast: A Perspective Review of The TERMINATOR - 1984

The Terminator (1984) – A Perspective Review

  The science fiction horror world gave film making history something truly special when James Cameron’s The TERMINATOR was released in 1984. It sparked one of the most legendary series of characters ever created, generated an unforgettable listing of one-liners, and paves the way for so many generations of sequels, toys, film tendencies and more. … Continue reading The Terminator (1984) – A Perspective Review

The Monster Squad (1987) Perspective Review

As children of the 80’s, our imaginations propelled us into great adventures. Fighting against a Galactic Empire in a galaxy far, far away? Yep. Learning to “Never Say Die” as we hunt for pirate treasure through booby trapped caves? Of course. Throwing on our proton packs, crossing the streams and saving the world? Do you … Continue reading The Monster Squad (1987) Perspective Review

Fright Filled Franchises – The Resident Evil Film Series

Viral Outbreaks. Bio-Terrorism. Deforming Mutations. Flesh-Craving Zombies. All of these things are synonymous with the Resident Evil film series. A film series based (loosely) on a successful video game franchise of the same name. A film series that has given us six movies over a span of fifteen years. A film series that has divided genre fans since its … Continue reading Fright Filled Franchises – The Resident Evil Film Series

Ghostbusters (1984) – A Perspective Review

There are many logos that you can look at around you on your mobile device, your drive home, inside the boob tube and thousands of other places. Only ONE conjures the answer however to the question – who you gonna’ call? In 1984, Ivan Reitman directed a special little feature film, exploring the paranormal, the … Continue reading Ghostbusters (1984) – A Perspective Review

Star Trek (2009) – A Perspective Review

On September 8, 1966, the world was introduced to the world of phasers, photon torpedoes, the United Federation of Planets, and the captaincy of one James Tiberius Kirk. Since then, Star Trek has not only become one of the most popular properties worldwide, but has become a piece of language lexicon, cinema history and for … Continue reading Star Trek (2009) – A Perspective Review

Predator (1987) – A Perspective Review

A jungle. A downed “choppa”. A special forces operation team out of Form Bragg – missing. When in doubt, it’s time to call in “Dutch” and the team of men that just ask “whattawegottado?” While you might think it’s just another Schwarzenegger action film, the fact is that 1987’s Predator, isn’t just the “FIRST” Perspective … Continue reading Predator (1987) – A Perspective Review

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – A Perspective Review, Part 2

It was literally one of the generation points for all-things-2GuysTalking! You’ve already listened to Part 1 and hopefully – you’ve shared it with friends, family and the people you know that love Indy and his adventures. Now – it’s time to listen to Part 2, where Mike & Carlo talk about what struck them, the … Continue reading Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – A Perspective Review, Part 2

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – A Perspective Review, Part 1

Indiana Jones continues to be one of the most beloved properties of all feature film time. From the original in 1981, to the sequels in 1984 and 1989, to the 1992 television-based Young Indianan Jones series, to the feature film that shall not be named – Indy, his stories, and his legacy continues to inspire … Continue reading Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – A Perspective Review, Part 1