Monthly Archives: February 2019

Comic Event Fatigue!

This will change things…FOREVER! It’s phrases like that which grab a comic book readers attention. When we’re told that a character that we’ve grown up loving for so long is going to be put through a core shaking, life altering event, we grow concerned. What could possibly bend the unbendable, break the unbreakable? Three words … Continue reading Comic Event Fatigue!

How Do We End The SJW Generation?

What IS a Social Justice Warrior? How can they be communicated with? What impact do they have on our current culture? More importantly – how do we END The Social Justice Warrior Generation? There’s only one way to find out! It’s time for another episode of WadeSense. Let’s get straight to it… The WadeSense Podcast … Continue reading How Do We End The SJW Generation?

Our Review Of “The Baron’s Bride” – Episode 13

The binding of lives and blood has always been a strong storytelling mechanism in history. Whether it’s forging the brotherhood of gangsters, of warriors prepared for battle or – the perpetual joining of lives in the realm of VAMPIRES – blood is the centerpiece of drama unfolding. This time the blood is part of the … Continue reading Our Review Of “The Baron’s Bride” – Episode 13