2GuysTalkingHorror's 3rd Annual Spookies Nomination Video!

3rd Annual Spookies Nomination Video!

Welcome to the nomination video for the 3rd Annual 2GuysTalkingHorror Spookies! A celebration of excellence and achievement in the horror genre for films that came out in the year 2020!


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Links from this Episode:

— Come Visit 2GuysTalkingHorror’s past episodes https://www.2gtdatacore.com/category/2guystalkinghorror/

— Best Visual Production 

— Host

— Color Out of Space

— Anything For Jackson

— Best Audio Production 

— Anything For Jackson

— Cleansing Hour

— The Dark and the Wicked

— Best Make-Up & Visual Effects 

— Color Out of Space

— Love and Monsters

— Host

— Best Horror Movie Score

— Ben Lovett – Wolf of Snow Hollow

— Colin Stetson – Color Out Of Space

— Alex Cuervo – Scare Package

Best Horror Movie Screenplay 

— Remi Weekes – His House

— Natalie Erika James & Christian White – Relic

— Bryan Bertino – The Dark and the Wicked

— Demien LeVeck & Aaron Horwitz – The Cleansing Hour

— Jim Cummings – Wolf of Snow Hollow

— Best Horror Movie Monster

— The Werewolf – Wolf of Snow Hollow

— The Entity – The Dark and the Wicked

— The Color – Color Out of Space

— Apeth – His House

— ALL the Monsters – Love and Monsters

— Best Horror Movie Anthology

— Mortuary Collection

— Scare Package

— Scare Me

— Best Horror Movie Actor

— Julian Richings – Anything For Jackson

— Sope Dirisu – His House

— Clancy Brown – Mortuary Collection

— Nicholas Cage – Color Out of Space

— Robert Forster – Wolf of Snow Hollow

— Best Horror Movie Actress 

— Sheila McCarthy – Anything For Jackson

— Elizabeth Moss – Invisible Man

— Wunmi Mosaku – His House

— Robyn Nevin – Relic

— Marin Ireland – The Dark and the Wicked

— Best Horror Movie Director 

— Rob Savage – Host

— Natalie Erika James – Relic

— Remi Weekes – His House

— Bryan Bertino – The Dark and the Wicked

— Jim Cummings – Wolf of Snow Hollow

— Best Horror Movie

— Anything For Jackson

— His House

— The Cleansing Hour

— Color Out of Space

— Relic

Calls to the Audience Inside this Episode:

— What horror movies from 2020 are YOU excited to vote for? We Want To Know!

— What other horror movies would YOU have liked to see nominated? Share YOUR Thoughts!

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