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Isn’t it grand that we have a world where, with some hard work, determination and focus anyone can make a decent life for themselves. We all have examples, some personal, of people who, despite bad odds, forged ahead and created a solid framework for themselves and their families. Presumably, these same values and initiatives are passed on to their family members. Some will heed the message, some will not. Some will go on to have a rewarding, productive life, some will not…

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Take a leap back around 500 years to a medieval castle to listen

Who is FAST FREDDIE?  He is a 75-year-old grandfather who has survived , thrived and then retired from over 50 years in the hot cauldron of customer service and business interaction. He is a man who has an opinion on everything. He likes controlled sarcasm.He dislikes zealots of all stripes. He believes in moderation in all things.He has no time for non-sensical causes. His mission? THE RESTORATION OF COMMON SENSE.