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There is so much to talk about on the topic of lighting. Lighting in your home is of particular importance because there are so many choices. Today, we’ll be providing a few tips of things to think about when lighting your home.

#1 Tip for Lighting in Your Home: Choose LEDs

When it comes to lighting in your home, my top tip is to choose LED lights whenever possible. If you have working old-style bulbs, throw them out and replace them with LED as soon as you can. While it might sound like a waste to throw out bulbs, the truth is that you’ll save energy and money. LEDs will pay for themselves in a few months. Not only are LED lights more energy efficient, they’re fun to use as lighting in your home. You can create ambiance, and there are just so many choices. Even at big-box retailers, you can find LEDs to replace just about any bulb in your home.

#2: Layer Your Lighting for Ambiance

Where do you start when it comes to lighting in your home? Think about layering. I like overhead lighting for general light: chandeliers, ceiling lights, and hall fixtures. All of those can now be LEDs. If you’re having a challenge with chandelier bulbs being too bright, install a dimmer. Instant ambiance! Of course, make sure you’re using dimmable bulbs. Some dimmable bulbs get warmer colored as they’re dimmed and whiter when they’re bright. That’s the perfect choice for a room that pulls double duty since you can adjust the lighting easily. When putting lighting in your home for ambiance, consider cabinet lighting on your baseboards or above the cabinets. Or put lighting behind glass in your cabinets. And what about safety lighting? The possibilities are endless.

#3: Automate Lighting in Your Home

Automation packages give you control over the lights in some or all of your home. You can have your lights come on at set times to wake you or welcome you home. And when you’re on vacation, lighting automation acts as a safety feature as well. Get creative!


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