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Click Here to Listen to This Episode of The Scammercast Now!Here on the Scammercast, we talk a lot about how to prevent scams and fraud from occurring in the first place. But, even very smart, savvy people can be victimized by the scammers. In the area of cybersecurity, this is particularly true. The cyber criminals are always changing their tactics to breach as many systems as possible so they can steal information which leads to money. Our guest today has a fascinating story to tell.

Scott Schober is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, a leading provider of advanced, world-class wireless test and security solutions. Scott invented the company’s cell phone detection tools used to enforce ”no cell phone” policies in prisons and secure government buildings. He is a highly

Scott invented the company’s cell phone detection tools used to enforce ”no cell phone” policies in prisons and secure government buildings. He is a highly sought-after expert on cybersecurity and has appeared on all of the major networks as well as in the Wall Steet Journal, Forbes, New York Times, and the list goes on.

He has also been a victim of multiple hackings and has detailed them in his wonderful book, HACKED AGAIN: IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE EVEN A CYBERSECURITY EXPERT, which we will talk a lot about today inside this episode of The Scammercast, on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network!

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Scammercast Co-Host - Arthur R. Maines, Jr. - Psychotherapist & CounselorArt Maines, Jr.: Scammercast Co-Host Art Maines is a Certified Therapist and Counselor who works with teens and adults with a variety of issues that include, anxiety, depression and trauma.

As a graduate of Washington University, St. Louis, Art has collected experiences from his own family to build an informative book series, secure an on-going series of national speaking engagements and helped to concept The Scammercast, which helps to educate everyone when it comes to the growing problem of people being taken advantage of online.

Click here to learn more about Art’s Book online: SCAMMED: 3 Steps to Help Your Elder Parents & Yourself

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Scammercast Co-Host - Curtis Bailey - Elder Attorney

Curtis Bailey: Scammercast Co-Host Curtis Bailey is an Elder Attorney, who graduated from the University of Missouri – School of Law and is practicing in estate planning, business transition, and corporate formation in the Midwest serving the St. Louis Metro area via Huffman Law Offices, PC with offices in Maryville and Shiloh, Illinois.

Curtis also participates in seminars and workshops across the nation that focus on the areas of Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Scam Prevention. Curtis also advises clients on Corporate Formation, Business Structure, and Business Transition issues.

Curtis is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Missouri. I am a member of both the Illinois Bar Association and Missouri Bar Association and is the co-founder of Senior Scam Action Associates where he helps seniors, their caregivers, and professionals that serve seniors recognize, prevent and recover from scams and other financial exploitation.

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