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Season 7, Episode 1 “The New Deal”

  The 1930’s were known for a lot of things. Prohibition. The literal cliff America stood after overcoming one of the most economically depressing experiences of all time so much so that it was LITERALLY CALLED THE DEPRESSION. What else could the 1930’s possibly hold? Not so strangely, it’s the launching point for the FINAL … Continue reading Season 7, Episode 1 “The New Deal”

Crisis On Infinite Award Shows

The Academy Awards has given out honors to all kinds of films over the last 91 years since it’s inception.  Dramas, comedies, war films, westerns, romances, musicals and animation.  Horror films and fantasy films have also had their days, although few and far between, in the top spot at The Oscars.  Even a few Science … Continue reading Crisis On Infinite Award Shows