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Comic VS Adaptation: Wanted

  Movies and television based off of comic books are a staple in modern entertainment. The quality may vary, but the quantity can not be denied. When the source material is adapted, it’s not uncommon for changes to be made. Some time even major changes. And once in awhile those changes can make the story…better. … Continue reading Comic VS Adaptation: Wanted

Cut The Crap Movie Review – IT Chapter 2

  A film adaptation of a book, especially one that’s over a thousand pages, is hard to pull off. Fans of the source material want to see the story unfold like it did when they were reading the book, but most of the time what they end up with is just a watered down facsimile. … Continue reading Cut The Crap Movie Review – IT Chapter 2

Eulogizing The X-Men Films Series

  Films based on comic book properties are nothing new. Hollywood has been making them for decades. As movie making technology progressis, the more fantastic a film based off of a comic can look. In the 70’s, we believed a man could fly in Superman. In the 80’s we had a dark knight watching out … Continue reading Eulogizing The X-Men Films Series