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My Big Fat Pull List - Vol3 - Favorite Superhero Video Games!

Our Favorite Superhero Video Games!

If you’re a resourceful cos-player, you’d have no issues grabbing a needle and thread and producing a kick ass costume to represent the embodiment of your favorite comic book or pop culture character. For others, they let their wallet do the talking and buy pre-made costumes or hire talented folks to create what they want. … Continue reading Our Favorite Superhero Video Games!

Our Most Wanted – Maggott

  Spider-Man. Batman. Spawn. Wonder Woman. Doctor Doom. Savage Dragon. The Flash. Captain Marvel. Some comic book characters need no introduction. They’ve been around so long or have gotten so much media attention, just seeing an image of them brings thoughts of their origins, their greatest victories and most crushing defeats. Then there are those … Continue reading Our Most Wanted – Maggott