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Thanks to All – The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project Rests…

FLASH ACTION MESSAGE FROM The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project HQ!

We are so proud to have created and distributed more than 12,000 pillows to our armed services members across the globe over the course of our existence.

The joy and elation we’ve felt from being able to provide 12,000+ connections between family members and those ensuring freedom is beyond description. The feedback we’ve received from you over the years has been more emotional and uplifting than we can describe and will fuel us forever. Again, our thanks to everyone.

As with all good things, we have decided that the time has come to end The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project.

Linda and I would like to thank everyone over the years – from volunteers, to people that connected us with people that fostered the program, and especially – the children who have smiles, comforted moments and memories that we love being responsible for.

Most importantly – our thanks to ALL of you serving bravely in The United States Military. We have so much appreciation for you, your efforts and for the sacrifices you and your families make to continually ring the bell of Freedom for us at home.

— The Stoefflers & Sweet Dreams Staff

Public Safety Representatives Unloading Guns…

While you may think that unloading a gun (whether it be a revolver or semi-automatic variety, etc) is “easy” the fact is that you will eventually meet someone inside of the Public Safety Personnel crowd that do not know how to accomplish this. Check out some great tips, tricks and details on how to ensure the SAFE intake of guns and tasers with Tommy inside this episode of The Free Field Training Podcast…

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