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Current Issues – Episode 6 (May/June 2020)

  Welcome to another edition of My Big Fat Pull List’s Current Issues. Our top stories for this episode include a discussion regarding the return of comic books back in shops, DC Comics decision to break ties with Diamond Publishing, the unfortunate passing of the legendary Denni O’Neil, and a revisit to some of our … Continue reading Current Issues – Episode 6 (May/June 2020)

“Star Wars: Marvel Comics Cannon!”

  There are a number of book, television and film properties that have spawned worlds of endless imagination and wanted exploration. The battlefields of Middle Earth, the sprawling grounds of Hogwarts, the hidden highways of the Land of OZ. But none are more endlessly expansive than the world of Star Wars! Despite the fact that … Continue reading “Star Wars: Marvel Comics Cannon!”

2GuysTalkingStarWars: 20 Projects Arriving This Year!

The land of Star Wars fandom is a strange one to be sure. Whether it’s in the movies, the upcoming television series or any of the twenty different projects that are slated to arrive just in 2019, the realm that fans can get involved in is immense, growing and squarely in the cross hairs of … Continue reading 2GuysTalkingStarWars: 20 Projects Arriving This Year!