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2GuysTalkingHorror - What Scares YOU?!

What Scares YOU?!

  Horror is in our blood. We live it. Breathe it. Devour it. If you’ve listened to our show before you know how obsessed we are with the genre in all its forms. So join us now as we share a little more of what horror means to us and what you can expect in … Continue reading What Scares YOU?!

MBFPL - Vol3 - Writers Room: Horror Comics

Writers Room: Horror Comic Pitches

  Being a fan of pop culture entertainment comes with a certain amount of healthy debate on some topics. Who would win in a fight…Superman or the Hulk? Which one’s better…cyborgs or robots? What would happen if warring aliens battled in a post-apocalyptic Earth city? The answers to all of those questions and scenarios can … Continue reading Writers Room: Horror Comic Pitches

Talk About Terrifying – Horror With A Side Of Bacon

When it comes to horror, the die hard fans want more. More blood. More scares. More monsters. So when it comes to horror podcasts, why settle for just one topic? Give the people what they want…more! 2GuysTalkingHorror is proud to present their new multi-topical show Talk About Terrifying! Filled to the brim with horror news … Continue reading Talk About Terrifying – Horror With A Side Of Bacon