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Spider-Man: A Perspective Review Series

He’s one of the most beloved characters in comics. Since 1963, we’ve loved Spider-Man. Whether it be because he’s “just like us with ordinary personal and familial problems”, or just because he can stick to walls and spin webs, ol’ webhead makes us all weak in the knees when it comes to nostalgia. Another feature … Continue reading Spider-Man: A Perspective Review Series

Current Issues – Episode 2 – (Nov./Dec. 2019)

  With the world of comic books and pop culture ever changing, how are fans meant to keep up with trends in the industry? Is the new EVENT from the Big Two worth reading? What’s the story on that show from that network about that hero from that comic book? Can I trust a movie … Continue reading Current Issues – Episode 2 – (Nov./Dec. 2019)

Controversy In Comics

  Nothing stays the same forever. Everything grows, everything evolves, everything changes. Without change, things become stale, stagnant and boring. But change is scary. People fear change because they have no idea what to expect. Or worse, they think they know what to expect and dismiss it out right! Why? Because they’re afraid. And that … Continue reading Controversy In Comics