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The Shining (The Book) VERSUS The Shining (The 1980 Movie)

What could be more disturbing than reading through Stephen King’s “The Shining?” Well, how about a viewing of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining?” Well – we’ve got that beat. How about an Axe Murderer, and a Sorcerer, COMPARING “The Shining” (The Book) & “The Shining” (The Movie)? That’s what we’ve got and it’s not just a … Continue reading The Shining (The Book) VERSUS The Shining (The 1980 Movie)

Our Most Wanted – Thanos

Comic books have given readers amazing characters and fantastic storylines. As time goes by and the decades pass, those characters and stories get retold, reimagined and sometimes retconned completely. It’s times like these that fan boys and girls across the land need a few tough as nails private eyes to gather the facts and deliver … Continue reading Our Most Wanted – Thanos