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Cycle Of The Werewolf (The Novella) Versus Silver Bullet (The Film)

Stephen King has a body of work that is ripe for adaptation. Over the decades many of his short stories and novels have been adapted into everything from feature films, television miniseries and even comic books. Depending on their faithfulness to the source material, those adaptations run the gauntlet of being surprisingly good to painfully … Continue reading Cycle Of The Werewolf (The Novella) Versus Silver Bullet (The Film)

The Changing World Of Comics

At one point in time, the only way to enjoy your comic books was to sit down, hold them in your hands and turn the pages. Then, when it was time to put them away, you got up, grabbed a poly bag and board, slid your comic in and put it away, preferably in a … Continue reading The Changing World Of Comics

Our Most Wanted – Thanos

Comic books have given readers amazing characters and fantastic storylines. As time goes by and the decades pass, those characters and stories get retold, reimagined and sometimes retconned completely. It’s times like these that fan boys and girls across the land need a few tough as nails private eyes to gather the facts and deliver … Continue reading Our Most Wanted – Thanos