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Our Review Of “Read My Lips” – Season 2, Episode 8

  The “magic” of throwing one’s voice ISN’T magic – it’s a skill. A skill that takes years to develop, which doesn’t include the time it takes to rise through the rankings of ventriloquist comedy stylings. Y’see it takes a long time to end up “on top”. To be the focus of sold out shows, … Continue reading Our Review Of “Read My Lips” – Season 2, Episode 8

Thor (2011) – A Perspective Review

There’s something to be said, when you hear that Hollywood is going to take a Norse God the princess from the STAR WARS prequels, and make a feature film. While originally not a mainstream comic book hero, Thor is one with very interesting storylines, character arcs, and what not too long ago would have been … Continue reading Thor (2011) – A Perspective Review