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Avengers (2012) – A Perspective Review

The concept of a “Superhero Team” had been thought about, drawn up, and shown to human eyes millions of times and satisfied every eye that saw them – on the written comic book page. When you talk about live-action television and feature films well – “Superhero Team” efforts, especially ones worth their salt when it … Continue reading Avengers (2012) – A Perspective Review

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) – A Perspective Review

How does one become an on-film character that not only represents a nation but is the leader of what will be a decade+ of Marvel Cinematic Universal entries that will last a lifetime? The worry, beyond casting Captain America, was how on Earth could we take a strapping (and hopefully talented) actor, toss him into … Continue reading Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) – A Perspective Review

Thor (2011) – A Perspective Review

There’s something to be said, when you hear that Hollywood is going to take a Norse God the princess from the STAR WARS prequels, and make a feature film. While originally not a mainstream comic book hero, Thor is one with very interesting storylines, character arcs, and what not too long ago would have been … Continue reading Thor (2011) – A Perspective Review

The Incredible Hulk (2008) – A Perspective Review

Big characters often require big actors to jump aboard a movie but – what happens when that’s not the case? In fact, what happens when the “star” of the movie will be entirely CGI’d? The answer, in most cases, when so much computer generated art is implemented is often disappointing. Inside 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, … Continue reading The Incredible Hulk (2008) – A Perspective Review

Iron Man 2 (2010) – A Perspective Review

The original changed the way we ALL think about “those stupid comic book movies” and served as the first of many cinematic offerings that continue to change what we think of comic book nostalgia. Inside 2010’s Iron Man 2, we revisit the red and gold suit (albeit an altered suit, along with a suitcase suit … Continue reading Iron Man 2 (2010) – A Perspective Review

Iron Man (2008) – A Perspective Review

There’s a lot more to Iron Man than a suit of iron. The history of Marvel Comics has grown exponentially providing cinematic visages of more paper-based heroes than we could have originally imagined. The film that started the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) run, was a movie directed by Jon Favreau, starring Robert Downey Jr.. Iron … Continue reading Iron Man (2008) – A Perspective Review

The Road to INFINITY is Paved by 2GuysTalking…

Nostalgia isn’t just something we experience – it is PASSION. The proliferation of comic book movies over the last decade have offered some of the greatest cinema moments and we’re overjoyed to be involved in bringing you the most educational, one-of-a-kind content there is when it comes to the reviews of Comic Book Movies! In … Continue reading The Road to INFINITY is Paved by 2GuysTalking…