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Christine (1983) – A Perspective Review

  The color – Red. The Make – Plymouth. The value – Awesome. In 1983 there were a lot of big things goin’ on. Hair. Neon colored clothes. The expectations of your woodshop instructor. The other big thing that was going on, during the summer of 1983 – was a little movie, about a really … Continue reading Christine (1983) – A Perspective Review

Predator (1987) – A Perspective Review

A jungle. A downed “choppa”. A special forces operation team out of Form Bragg – missing. When in doubt, it’s time to call in “Dutch” and the team of men that just ask “whattawegottado?” While you might think it’s just another Schwarzenegger action film, the fact is that 1987’s Predator, isn’t just the “FIRST” Perspective … Continue reading Predator (1987) – A Perspective Review