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Current Issues – Episode 1 (Sep./Oct. 2019)

  With the world of comic books and pop culture ever changing, how are fans meant to keep up with trends in the industry? Is the new EVENT from the Big Two worth reading? What’s the story on that show from that network about that hero from that comic book? Can I trust a movie … Continue reading Current Issues – Episode 1 (Sep./Oct. 2019)

Predator (1987) – A Perspective Review

A jungle. A downed “choppa”. A special forces operation team out of Form Bragg – missing. When in doubt, it’s time to call in “Dutch” and the team of men that just ask “whattawegottado?” While you might think it’s just another Schwarzenegger action film, the fact is that 1987’s Predator, isn’t just the “FIRST” Perspective … Continue reading Predator (1987) – A Perspective Review