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Season 7, Episode 10 “Stolen”

  Time and Space have very little meaning, especially when – YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT’S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN WHEN! Are you in the mood for revelation? Are you in the mood for reminiscing with “old friends?” Are you prepared to do what you need to, to get the job done? Our friends who call themselves Agents … Continue reading Season 7, Episode 10 “Stolen”

Season 6, Episode 2 “Window Of Opportunity” – Reviewed!

The visit to HARD SCIENCE FICTION – is often – HARD. Worlds. Languages. Customs. Known facts. History – they’re all x-factors in all of it and now – let’s toss the story IN SPACE. You might think that it sounds like a recipe for disaster and detrimental impact on believe-ability, but inside of the 2nd … Continue reading Season 6, Episode 2 “Window Of Opportunity” – Reviewed!

Twister (1996) – A Perspective Review

Tornadoes: We’ll likely never experience on in real life and for that, we can consider ourselves lucky. In 1996, masses across North America were given, Twister, directed by Jon De Bon, starting a cavalcade of Hollywood’s brightest, up and coming actors who have all had literal windfalls since back then. What was also given to us … Continue reading Twister (1996) – A Perspective Review