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Season 6, Episode 2 “Window Of Opportunity” – Reviewed!

The visit to HARD SCIENCE FICTION – is often – HARD. Worlds. Languages. Customs. Known facts. History – they’re all x-factors in all of it and now – let’s toss the story IN SPACE. You might think that it sounds like a recipe for disaster and detrimental impact on believe-ability, but inside of the 2nd … Continue reading Season 6, Episode 2 “Window Of Opportunity” – Reviewed!

Twister (1996) – A Perspective Review

Tornadoes: We’ll likely never experience on in real life and for that, we can consider ourselves lucky. In 1996, masses across North America were given, Twister, directed by Jon De Bon, starting a cavalcade of Hollywood’s brightest, up and coming actors who have all had literal windfalls since back then. What was also given to us … Continue reading Twister (1996) – A Perspective Review