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Most Wanted: Exiles!

  Have you ever been on vacation and looked over and seen a familiar face but when you approach that person you realize they aren’t who you thought they were? Well that is exactly what it feels like to travel through the multiverses as a member of the Exiles. A collection of mutants plucked from … Continue reading Most Wanted: Exiles!

Our Giant-Size Annual #2

  This is it. The end of another geek filled volume of My Big Fat Pull List Podcast. But every ending is just a new beginning in disguise. While Mister X, Smurphy and Pistol Danger tie up dangling plot threads, YOU, the fans, will get to share in discussions covering Gears Of War comics, dead … Continue reading Our Giant-Size Annual #2

Season 6, Episode 2 “Window Of Opportunity” – Reviewed!

The visit to HARD SCIENCE FICTION – is often – HARD. Worlds. Languages. Customs. Known facts. History – they’re all x-factors in all of it and now – let’s toss the story IN SPACE. You might think that it sounds like a recipe for disaster and detrimental impact on believe-ability, but inside of the 2nd … Continue reading Season 6, Episode 2 “Window Of Opportunity” – Reviewed!