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A Cop’s First Time…

In police work we say there are some things you will see that you just can’t unsee. Things that will change you, profoundly impact you, and the way you look at the world. Sometimes for the better, but often for the worse. I’ve seen many things over the years that I just can’t unsee. But, … Continue reading A Cop’s First Time…

Talk About Terrifying – No Clowning Around

The most important thing in any type of relationship is trust. We trust our parents when they tell us “There’s no such thing as monsters.” We trust our friends and loved ones when they tell us “There’s nothing wrong.” But what if that trust is broken? For example…when Hollywood misleads us with remakes and movie … Continue reading Talk About Terrifying – No Clowning Around

Lethal Listings – 13 Must Watch Horror Films

Throughout the history of film, there have been hundreds of horror movies, but only a few rise to the top. Everything is subjective. Your taste in movies is definitely one of them. They may not be the scariest, they may not be the bloodiest, but everybody has a list of those films you just have … Continue reading Lethal Listings – 13 Must Watch Horror Films

Dissecting the Genres of Horror

Dissection. It’s the process of pulling things apart. Whether it’s a feature film, a character, a creature or even a genre, the base meaning stays the same. It’s all about the pieces parts. Horror means a variety of things to different people. For some, it instills fear. For others, it turns stomachs with unimaginable sights. … Continue reading Dissecting the Genres of Horror

GAME OVER – The History of Survival Horror Video Games

Life is not always a world of wine and roses. In fact, it can flat out suck sometimes. Dead end job? Cheating spouse? Life threatening medical diagnosis? No matter what problems you face, you know that there is a way to escape for awhile…Entertainment! Film, television, books, all are used to retreat from the real world … Continue reading GAME OVER – The History of Survival Horror Video Games

What is 2GuysTalkingHorror?

It is a genre that transcends age, sex, color and culture. It can be found in literature, art, music, and film all over the world. Whether it’s located in the blade of an all too real attacker or the razor clawed glove of a sadistic dream demon, the end result is the same…Horror! The mounting … Continue reading What is 2GuysTalkingHorror?