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Stupid Things Old Cops Told Me: Free Field Training Podcast

Stupid Things Old Cops Told Me

  One of the best instructors a cop can have, is history. The stories, guidance and perspective it provides helps to hone the craft of today’s law enforcement professionals — most of the time. It’s time to take a look back at real-life things that were shared with Officer Tommy, as he shares “Stupid Things … Continue reading Stupid Things Old Cops Told Me

Best Police Vehicles from TV & Movies

The LAW, is out there, in vehicles of all kinds no less. Whether they on two wheels or on wheels that peel out and chase the good guys like in The Dukes of Hazzard, or the bad guys like Sonny Crocket and Tubbs in the day-glow cityscape of Miami, the law has always and will … Continue reading Best Police Vehicles from TV & Movies

A Cop’s First Time…

In police work we say there are some things you will see that you just can’t unsee. Things that will change you, profoundly impact you, and the way you look at the world. Sometimes for the better, but often for the worse. I’ve seen many things over the years that I just can’t unsee. But, … Continue reading A Cop’s First Time…