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My Big Fat Pull List - Volume 3 - Current Issues: Episode 9 (Oct./Nov. 2020)

Current Issues – Episode 9 (October/November 2020)

  Welcome to another edition of Current Issues, where your hosts turn their heads away from the seriousness of reality and focus more on geek things like comics, video games, movies and other pop culture related materials. Our top stories for this episode include Solving a multi decades long mystery in Three Jokers, getting a … Continue reading Current Issues – Episode 9 (October/November 2020)

Talking X-Men With Mister X

We all have a friend who knows a little about a lot of things. Then there’s the friend who knows a lot about a few things. And let’s not forget the friend who knows everything about everything! During this episode of My Big Fat Pull List, Smurphy and Pistol Danger corner Mister X and milk … Continue reading Talking X-Men With Mister X