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My Big Fat Pull List - Volume 3 - Current Issues: Episode 9 (Oct./Nov. 2020)

Current Issues – Episode 9 (October/November 2020)

  Welcome to another edition of Current Issues, where your hosts turn their heads away from the seriousness of reality and focus more on geek things like comics, video games, movies and other pop culture related materials. Our top stories for this episode include Solving a multi decades long mystery in Three Jokers, getting a … Continue reading Current Issues – Episode 9 (October/November 2020)

“Understanding DC Comics – Episode 2: Crisis On Infinite Earths!”

  Major events are something of a regular occurance in modern superhero comics. We’re use to seeing at least one company wide crossover event happening each year, as well as smaller events taking place inside individual titles. But none compare to the historical significance of the FIRST MAJOR COMIC EVENT. This was no mere team-up … Continue reading “Understanding DC Comics – Episode 2: Crisis On Infinite Earths!”

Death In Superhero Comics

Death is a fact of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. No matter the connection, family, friend, co-worker, the loss of someone from your life has an impact. The same can be said for fictional characters. When we invest our time into reading a book series or watching a long … Continue reading Death In Superhero Comics