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Season 6, Episode 10 “Leap” – Reviewed!

  The taking over of one’s body has been a storytelling device – since people started writing stories. How can our valiant Agents take what has been done time, and time again, and make not only something new – but something that propels us towards the last 3 episodes of a blockbuster, penultimate season? There’s … Continue reading Season 6, Episode 10 “Leap” – Reviewed!

Avengers (2012) – A Perspective Review

The concept of a “Superhero Team” had been thought about, drawn up, and shown to human eyes millions of times and satisfied every eye that saw them – on the written comic book page. When you talk about live-action television and feature films well – “Superhero Team” efforts, especially ones worth their salt when it … Continue reading Avengers (2012) – A Perspective Review