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Our Review Of “Wedding In Black” – Season 2, Episode 21

  The DEVIL. He’s not just in the details, he’s – INSIDE THIS EPISODE. That’s right, Malbolgia, Lucifer – the desolate one – he who hath horns, is in this episode – BUT NOT REALLY. You’d think that a devilishly enchanted snow globe would bring together a (snow globe’d) storm of AWESOME inside a show like … Continue reading Our Review Of “Wedding In Black” – Season 2, Episode 21

Observe & Report – The Arrowverse!

Adapting comic book characters into live action can be hard. Are the colorful costumes going to look right in real life? Will the over the top heroics be believable outside of the comics page? Can special effects fool audiences into believing a man can fly? Comic book properties are a hot commodity for both television … Continue reading Observe & Report – The Arrowverse!