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2GuysTalkingHorror - Talk About Terrifying: Horror's Of The Weird West

Talk About Terrifying: Horrors Of The Weird West

  Mixing genres isn’t as easy as one might think. Like Comedy and Drama…do you balance the two or will your story be heavier on one side or the other? Historical and Romance…my wife’s book collection only proves that it can be done. Western and Horror…now that’s an interesting combination. Sometimes we take for granted … Continue reading Talk About Terrifying: Horrors Of The Weird West

Surviving In A Covid-19 World!

  Horror and Science Fiction, when done right, can depict some bone chilling scenarios. Take the fears of a person, a community or even a species and add the words What If…well, that’s just the perfect recipe for pure terror. A beloved subgenre of horror and sci-fi is the Outbreak/Viral/End Of The World story. And … Continue reading Surviving In A Covid-19 World!

Observe & Report – The Arrowverse!

Adapting comic book characters into live action can be hard. Are the colorful costumes going to look right in real life? Will the over the top heroics be believable outside of the comics page? Can special effects fool audiences into believing a man can fly? Comic book properties are a hot commodity for both television … Continue reading Observe & Report – The Arrowverse!

Revamping Bat-Villains

When it comes to super villains in comic books, the norm for the longest time was make them colorful looking so they pop of the page and don’t give them too complicated of a backstory. Simple and eye catching. Once television and animation became a factor, comic book fans were seeing their favorite characters acted … Continue reading Revamping Bat-Villains

Lethal Listings – 13 Worst Horror Remakes

Nothing is sacred! Everything old is new again! Hollywood has raped my childhood! Whenever we here any of these statements uttered by our family, friends or co-workers, it can only mean one thing…REMAKES! Sadly, Horror seems to be the genre studios gravitate towards to make some fast cash. And while SOME remakes range from great to nearly … Continue reading Lethal Listings – 13 Worst Horror Remakes

A Crash Course in Horror Part 2

It’s everywhere. You know it and I know it. Take a good look around you. It’s almost impossible to ignore. You see it? Right there?! It’s a scrap of horror clinging to your everyday life. No longer contained in old films and dusty books, horror can be found in almost every crevice of popular culture. It’s in … Continue reading A Crash Course in Horror Part 2

The Pirates of the Caribbean Perspective Review Series

The Pirates of the Caribbean was a noble endeavor when it began – an effort to bring the world and realm of the famed Disney ride to cinematic life. In it, they paired Johnny Depp, cutting-edge special effects, and an interest in stoking the flames of movie-goers zeal for on-screen piracy, drunken captains and scenic … Continue reading The Pirates of the Caribbean Perspective Review Series