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“Understanding DC Comics – Episode 2: Crisis On Infinite Earths!”

  Major events are something of a regular occurance in modern superhero comics. We’re use to seeing at least one company wide crossover event happening each year, as well as smaller events taking place inside individual titles. But none compare to the historical significance of the FIRST MAJOR COMIC EVENT. This was no mere team-up … Continue reading “Understanding DC Comics – Episode 2: Crisis On Infinite Earths!”

“Understanding DC Comics – Part 1: Crisis Of Continuity!”

  The DC Universe. It can be a complicated and sometimes convoluted place. There are  hundreds of characters, both heroes and villains, all with rich origins and histories. But after eighty years of stories, the DC Universe doesn’t have the easiest continuity to understand. Why were classic heroes so violent? Why are there two guys … Continue reading “Understanding DC Comics – Part 1: Crisis Of Continuity!”

Elseworlds and What Ifs?

Alternate Realities. Parallel Universes. Infinite Multiverses. These concepts have become a staple of the modern day superhero comic book story. With series like DC’s Elseworlds and Marvel’s What If…?, readers get the opportunity to see their favorite characters, stories and events play out differently than they had seen before. Questions can be asked, such as … Continue reading Elseworlds and What Ifs?

Observe & Report – The Arrowverse!

Adapting comic book characters into live action can be hard. Are the colorful costumes going to look right in real life? Will the over the top heroics be believable outside of the comics page? Can special effects fool audiences into believing a man can fly? Comic book properties are a hot commodity for both television … Continue reading Observe & Report – The Arrowverse!