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2GuysTalkingHorror - What's to Come...

“Things To Come” Promo Video 1

Welcome to 2GuysTalkingHorror’s inaugural video promo, where hosts Nicholas J. Hearne and Jason Contini fill YOU in on the podcast episodes currently in the works, as well as break down the 2GuysTalkingHorror social media presence. The 2GuysTalkingHorror Podcast Links Bar:  Subscribe via iTunes |  Subscribe via RSS Feed |  Facebook Page |  Twitter Page |  Stitcher … Continue reading “Things To Come” Promo Video 1

Our Review Of “The Quilt Of Hathor” – Episode 19

There are many cultures with their own peculiarities. Inside our most recent story, there is-ith a culture that is showcased-itht called the Pennatites, a culture similar to the Mennonites of the North East, who dress simply, lead simple lives, hold the Lord and separated genders at the heart of their laws and a community that … Continue reading Our Review Of “The Quilt Of Hathor” – Episode 19