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“For The Love Of LEGO!”

  Have you ever imagined what it would have been like if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were chosen to take the One Ring to Mordor instead of Frodo and the hobbits? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Iron Man worked alongside Indiana Jones in fighting Nazis and searching for the arc … Continue reading “For The Love Of LEGO!”

Star Wars: The Disney Trilogy!

  In 1977, a movie was released that changed the world of filmmaking and fandom forever. That movie was George Lucas’s Star Wars. It was groundbreaking and had all the right ingredients to create a universe filled with epic stories and larger than life characters. Since then, audiences and fans have been treated to a … Continue reading Star Wars: The Disney Trilogy!

Season 6, Episode 3 “Fear And Loathing On The Planet Of Kitson” – Reviewed!

  The navigating of one’s day cam be a very tricky thing. Getting up. Getting prepared, Engaging those around you. It all becomes a habit for most, and with time – it becomes your life. Now mix in – space pirates. Space hunters. Space Inspectors. Space brothels. space puffy yummies. It all takes a strange … Continue reading Season 6, Episode 3 “Fear And Loathing On The Planet Of Kitson” – Reviewed!

Our Review Of “The Quilt Of Hathor” – Episode 19

There are many cultures with their own peculiarities. Inside our most recent story, there is-ith a culture that is showcased-itht called the Pennatites, a culture similar to the Mennonites of the North East, who dress simply, lead simple lives, hold the Lord and separated genders at the heart of their laws and a community that … Continue reading Our Review Of “The Quilt Of Hathor” – Episode 19

Restocked & Reloaded!

New. It can be a scary word. New usually means change and change is an even scarier word than new. But that’s what happens. Things change. Things grow. Or they curl up and die, never to be seen or heard from again. That’s not us! In the ever evolving world of pop culture podcasting, your … Continue reading Restocked & Reloaded!

Those Other Star Wars Comics

Comics based off of movies and television shows aren’t a new thing. As far back as the Golden Age you can find adaptations. A few of those adaptations even launched their own ongoing series. Sometimes those stories mattered and were included in what is called “cannon”. Other times those stories were just for fun, not … Continue reading Those Other Star Wars Comics