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My Big Fat Pull List - Summer Special Spectacular!

Summer Special Spectacular!

  As children, summer time meant sleeping in and staying up late, going out into the world, looking for harmless mischief, reading stacks of comics and debating with your friends “who’s the coolest primate character, The Mandrill, Gleek, Cy-Gor, Detective Chimp, or Gorilla Grodd?” Summer time as a kid was a blast! Then we had … Continue reading Summer Special Spectacular!

“10 Key Characters In Horror Comics!”

  Horror comics are a staple in the industry. Monsters, ghouls, zombies, vampires, they’re everywhere, in beautifully bright splattered gore and crimson carnage. Over the decades, the characters appearing in Horror comics have captured the imaginations of readers and gathered a following stronger than any cult leader. It’s because of that devotion we here at … Continue reading “10 Key Characters In Horror Comics!”

Current Issues – Episode 1 (Sep./Oct. 2019)

  With the world of comic books and pop culture ever changing, how are fans meant to keep up with trends in the industry? Is the new EVENT from the Big Two worth reading? What’s the story on that show from that network about that hero from that comic book? Can I trust a movie … Continue reading Current Issues – Episode 1 (Sep./Oct. 2019)