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My Big Fat Pull List Podcast - Current Issues - Episode 7 (July/August 2020)

Current Issues – Episode 7 (July/August 2020)

  Welcome to another edition of My Big Fat Pull List’s Current Issues. Our top stories for this episode include looking at the latest alien invasion targeting Marvel Comics in Empyer, examining how Amazon’s deal with the apocalypse in Wonder Woman: Dead Earth from DC Comics, trying to clean That Texas Blood off our hands … Continue reading Current Issues – Episode 7 (July/August 2020)

My Big Fat Pull List - Summer Special Spectacular!

Summer Special Spectacular!

  As children, summer time meant sleeping in and staying up late, going out into the world, looking for harmless mischief, reading stacks of comics and debating with your friends “who’s the coolest primate character, The Mandrill, Gleek, Cy-Gor, Detective Chimp, or Gorilla Grodd?” Summer time as a kid was a blast! Then we had … Continue reading Summer Special Spectacular!