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My Big Fat Pull List - Summer Special Spectacular!

Summer Special Spectacular!

  As children, summer time meant sleeping in and staying up late, going out into the world, looking for harmless mischief, reading stacks of comics and debating with your friends “who’s the coolest primate character, The Mandrill, Gleek, Cy-Gor, Detective Chimp, or Gorilla Grodd?” Summer time as a kid was a blast! Then we had … Continue reading Summer Special Spectacular!

The Art Of It All: Some Of Our Favorite Comic Book Artists

The number of visual art forms is staggering. Film, Television, live Theater, sculptures and paintings. None of those get us more excited than comic books! They may have been deemed the cause of juvenile delinquency over an half century ago, but today, comics are finally being recognized as the legitimate art form that they are! … Continue reading The Art Of It All: Some Of Our Favorite Comic Book Artists

Restocked & Reloaded!

New. It can be a scary word. New usually means change and change is an even scarier word than new. But that’s what happens. Things change. Things grow. Or they curl up and die, never to be seen or heard from again. That’s not us! In the ever evolving world of pop culture podcasting, your … Continue reading Restocked & Reloaded!