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Ghostbusters (1984) – A Perspective Review

There are many logos that you can look at around you on your mobile device, your drive home, inside the boob tube and thousands of other places. Only ONE conjures the answer however to the question – who you gonna’ call? In 1984, Ivan Reitman directed a special little feature film, exploring the paranormal, the … Continue reading Ghostbusters (1984) – A Perspective Review

MBFPL…Restocked & Reloaded!

New. It can be a scary word. New usually means change and change is an even scarier word than new. But that’s what happens. Things change. Things grow. Or they curl up and die, never to be seen or heard from again. That’s not us! In the ever evolving world of pop culture podcasting, your … Continue reading MBFPL…Restocked & Reloaded!

Our Giant-Size Annual!

Comic book annuals have been around for a long time, but the attention they receive, especially today, are a mixed bag, compared to their ongoing titles. At their height, annuals cronicalled the most important stories of our favorite characters. And at their lowest… filler stories given to “new” talent to test their skills. To comic … Continue reading Our Giant-Size Annual!

Cycle Of The Werewolf (The Novella) Versus Silver Bullet (The Film)

Stephen King has a body of work that is ripe for adaptation. Over the decades many of his short stories and novels have been adapted into everything from feature films, television miniseries and even comic books. Depending on their faithfulness to the source material, those adaptations run the gauntlet of being surprisingly good to painfully … Continue reading Cycle Of The Werewolf (The Novella) Versus Silver Bullet (The Film)

Pros And Cons Of Comic Conventions

With comic books being more mainstream than ever, it’s no surprise that comic conventions, or Comic Cons, are extremely popular. But with the growing crowds of younger, inexperienced fans, it seems that the etiquette of con goers has declined. As well as the vendors themselves. And lets not forget all the possible distractions, like cosplayers, … Continue reading Pros And Cons Of Comic Conventions

The Monster Squad (1987) Perspective Review

As children of the 80’s, our imaginations propelled us into great adventures. Fighting against a Galactic Empire in a galaxy far, far away? Yep. Learning to “Never Say Die” as we hunt for pirate treasure through booby trapped caves? Of course. Throwing on our proton packs, crossing the streams and saving the world? Do you … Continue reading The Monster Squad (1987) Perspective Review

Welcome to My Big Fat Pull List!

  With all the tv shows, movies, cartoons and video games using comic book related stories, it can be a near-impossible task to navigate and understand them all. That’s where WE come in. Mister X! A walking comic book database with a specific love for ALL things mutant! Pistol Danger! A man of action, fueled … Continue reading Welcome to My Big Fat Pull List!

Season 5, Episode 21 – “The Force of Gravity” – Reviewed!

Gravity isn’t just what’s responsible for bringing you “down” – it’s the literal centerpiece to this episode of The Agents of SHIELD – Season 5, Episode 21, The Force of Gravity. A clear villain. Several clear threats. Multiple decisions and the amount of fates to be impacted inside this and the season finale are DIRE! … Continue reading Season 5, Episode 21 – “The Force of Gravity” – Reviewed!

Lethal Listings – 13 Worst Horror Remakes

Nothing is sacred! Everything old is new again! Hollywood has raped my childhood! Whenever we here any of these statements uttered by our family, friends or co-workers, it can only mean one thing…REMAKES! Sadly, Horror seems to be the genre studios gravitate towards to make some fast cash. And while SOME remakes range from great to nearly … Continue reading Lethal Listings – 13 Worst Horror Remakes

Talk About Terrifying – No Clowning Around

The most important thing in any type of relationship is trust. We trust our parents when they tell us “There’s no such thing as monsters.” We trust our friends and loved ones when they tell us “There’s nothing wrong.” But what if that trust is broken? For example…when Hollywood misleads us with remakes and movie … Continue reading Talk About Terrifying – No Clowning Around